Here’s One of the Fastest Ways to Find Licensing Partners (Video)

One of the best resources for finding your licensing partners is trade shows. They happen everywhere. I attend many trade shows and it’s one of the quickest way to learn about an industry, make contacts, and find the right licensing partner.

5 Secrets to Making Your IP “Licensable”

Just because you invented a new product or got a patent, doesn’t mean it’s “licensable”. To make it licensable, you must take certain actions with your IP. Not just any actions, but the right actions. In this article, you’ll learn about the 5 most important actions that are the inside secrets to making your IP licensable.

Licensing Partners Don’t License IP…They License Money (Video)

The key to being successful in licensing your IP is to prove the marketability of that property. This means proving the marketability of your IP…that it works and customers will buy it or use it. There are a number of ways you can verify marketability (and build value) for a newly developed IP.

3 Simple Steps to Get Better Licensing Results

The fastest way to get a licensing deal is to make sure you’re taking the right steps. But most people wind up frustrated because the fail to follow the licensing …

3 Common Mistakes That Sink Your Licensing Presentation

A big part of success is licensing is creating the right kind of presentation. Get it right, and your licensing partner wants to know more. Get it wrong, and they’ll …