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Fashion 1Fashion HMFrom t-shirts and sneakers to contemporary sportswear and high street fashion, the market for apparel licensing continues to be a tremendous area of brand diversity and growth. Designer labels such as Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren continue to expand their reach into new consumer segments through licensing programs that into non-apparel product categories including accessories, baby wear, luggage, jewelry, home wares, interiors, pet products and even technology.  Collaborations between retailers and brands has been growing – Marvel and Carrefour, Disney’s Hannah Montana and Wal-Mart, Avril Lavigne and Kohl’s, Hasbro and Steve & Barry’s, and Disney’s Camp Rock and Target – among others. Manufacturers are also licensing collaborative brand programs, from Reebok’s Kool-Aid sneaker collection to Adidas’ Dale Earnhart, Jr. line of apparel. Whether its branded merchandise tied to Hollywood’s hottest titles, designer labels,or a comprehensive direct-to-retail collection from a major sports franchise, consumers continue to take comfort in familiar celebrities, products and properties.  Here are a couple of good resources for information on fashion and apparel licensing – Fashionnewspaper.comand

Rand Brenner is President / CEO of Licensing Consulting Group, an intellectual property management and licensing company specializing in assisting clients in IP Management, Strategic Consulting, Acquisition of Licensing Rights, and Property Representation. Rand has licensed some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, including “Batman” and the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”, both of which generated billions of dollars in worldwide merchandise sales. He has lead various international licensing programs as both licensee and licensor, and through consulting projects focused on licensing strategy, brand development, sponsorship sales and property representation.

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