Leveraging IP: A Faster Way to Building a Business

For ongoing businesses, finding more customers and increasing sales is a continuous challenge. In both cases you can use licensing, which can be done in less time and for less money than starting from scratch.

Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Profit Potential – Licensing can generate substantial profits from the initial license fee and on-going royalties or service fees.
  2. Licensing Partners – Licensing creates motivated partners who have invested their money and time into successfully commercializing the IP.
  3. Market Expansion – Licensing can develop new markets using the financial and managerial resources of the licensees.
  4. Business Expansion – Licensing eliminates almost all of the costs normally associated with launching new products or opening new distribution channels.
  5. Lower On-Going Expenses – The expenses involved in managing multiple licensees are much lower than marketing the products directly.
  6. Marketing Advantages – Licensors can reduce marketing costs and benefit from the combined marketing activities of all the licensees.
  7. Economies of Scale – The more licensees a licensor has, the greater the number of customers and the larger the amount of revenues that can be generated from the IP.

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