Outside the Box – Leveraging Distribution Channels

think outside the box

Licensing an intellectual property is about leverage. That means finding ways in which the intellectual property may fit into different formats, different product configuration, different distribution channels, or to different customer markets -ways of leveraging your intellectual property. The more that you can leverage intellectual property the more you can accelerate the revenue potential of an intellectual property.

Take distribution for example.  When you think about licensing your intellectual property, especially if it is a product or service, you should consider how it is distributed. It’s important to remain aware and have a basic understanding of how your intellectual property applies to the marketplace. One way of understanding how your intellectual property applies to the market is understanding where  it fits –  and in this case understanding what the best distribution channels are helps determine who may be the best type of licensee.

Consider consumer products. There are a number of property categories out there – licensing categories if you will – each with different distribution channels For example, if  you have invented a product, think beyond it just being a specific type of product, such as a toy item, apparel, video game or gift item.  Perhaps there are multiple channels  – say gifts and toys, or specialty and online – that could apply to different formats or configurations of the product.  If so, then these other channels may offer licensing opportunities for additional licensees.

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