Technology & Merchandise Licensing

As an established company, technology and brand licensing should be the primary tools in your intellectual property leveraging. Licensing is also a key to growth, as the main purpose is to allow the development and use of intellectual property by third parties via a transfer of rights of use, without sacrificing ownership. Legally, this can be confusing, which is easily solved by contracting the services of a licensing professional.

Licensing can easily be split into two categories: technology and brand licensing. Each level exploits a different level of the market.

Technology licensing strategies focus on locating a licensee to explore the industrial and technological developments associated with the product, service or concept.

Brand or merchandise and character licensing focuses on establishing a publicly recognized trademark or copyright, which is licensed to a manufacturer who can spread the product, service or concept to markets outside of the licensor’s current scope.

Bottom line – Technology and Brand Licensing Benefits:

  1. – Rapid Market Penetration
  2. – Create Greater Consumer Loyalty
  3. – Distribute Risk and Development Costs
  4. – Profit from Continuing Royalty Income and Initial License Fees

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