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Licensing intellectual property is a fast-track ticket to generating money and creating wealth – and you don’t have to figure it out yourself or do it alone. Whether you are an inventor with the new IP, a business ready to expand, or an entrepreneur looking for the next big opportunity, Licensing4Profits is the only place that gives you access to coaching, e-courses, audio and video training, and continuously updated content with real world actionable information you can use right now to start making money with your IP.


I just watched Rand’s present on licensing and what I’ve learned from this… I’ve done several licensing training’s in the past. What I’ve got here has been by far, the most valuable training that I’ve received and the program that he has offered tonight has been exceptional. So I would say to anyone looking to get into licensing, this is an excellent starting point.
Sean H.


Hi Rand, I ordered the IP To Income Course. The course was a superior foundation to the world of licensing. I believe everyone and anyone should own this course to start their career in licensing. The course is reasonably price so there’s no excuse not to get started. Ken B.


What I found useful about the knowledge he gave me was that anybody can do it. He has done it, has a proven track record, and he gives us the tools to do it (licensing). It’s just amazing, so I truly suggest that anybody get a chance to meet, talk, or attend the seminar to do so.
Bill N.


I just got done listening to Rand’s amazing presentation and I learned so much. I knew a bit about licensing because I work in an entertainment business. I deal with contracts, and I work with actor’s deals. In this capacity, it got my brain thinking about all the other ways so that I can give to my clients some more benefits from good ideas about licensing deals with the entertainment industry. It’s such a deeper level, so I’m really looking forward in learning more about it. Thanks to Rand, I’m now inspired.


Intellectual Property is amazing. Licensing is ticket and Rand taught us how to work with it. I have a project that is bringing people together from all around the world, and like peers, mingle cultures together as well as kids. I’m gonna bring some toys with this project, a TV show, web… everything. I’ve been looking for something like this. He masters his stuff like no one else, I swear to God, you got to listen to this guy, you got to watch what he’s doing and you got to stick around. He’s gonna help you out, alright!
Eric B.

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