Licensing is a process which isn’t hard to follow. What makes it hard are the mistakes from doing the wrong things. Then you wind up wasting a lot of time, resources and money on the wrong actions.

But there is a better way. That’s why I created The Licensing Toolkit. It gives you the how-to steps and time-saving shortcuts to get your licensing program in motion and put your IP to work making money for you.

Here's What is Included in the Toolkit

The Licensing Toolkit includes the 5 core tools you need to get your licensing program in motion.  Here’ a brief summary of each tool:

IP Inventory Worksheet

The IP Inventory Worksheet and IP Protection Questionnaire: These worksheets will help you quickly organize your IP and make sure it’s protected. The IP Inventory helps you create a list that includes all the different parts of your IP and figure out what parts to include in your licensing opportunity. In the second worksheet, you’ll answer a series of short questions that will help you make sure your IP is properly protected.

Quick-Start Licensing Plan Worksheet

The QuickStart Licensing Plan Worksheet: This one-page worksheet helps you quickly create an action plan for your licensing program including who’s the right type of partner, your key deal terms, and how you’ll market it.

Licensing Opportunity One-Sheet

The Licensing Opportunity Profile Template: A simple one-page “fill-in-the-blanks” template to quickly create a summary of your IP and the licensing opportunity, which is the first information you’ll send a potential licensing partner.

Licensing Partner Qualification Questions

Licensing Partner Qualification Questionnaire: Use this one-page questionnaire to quickly qualify your licensing partners. It includes the four critical areas of information you must know about them so you can decide if they would be the right type of licensing partner.

Negotiating Checklist

The Negotiating Checklist: A one-page checklist covering the 10 most important business terms for your licensing agreements. Fill it out before you start your negotiations and use it to guide you in negotiating these terms with your licensing partner.

Get Your Licensing Program in Action Today

You can make money with your IP if you take action and use the tools in The Licensing Toolkit. You will learn the inside secrets, the how to tactics, and the time saving shortcuts to get your licensing program in motion.

If you take action, follow the system and continue the process, you will find new opportunities and you will succeed in creating money making licensing deals with your intellectual property.