How to Find New Uses for Your IP Technology

The growth in importance of IP Rights has created new, previously un-thought of ways to exploit and use it. Savvy IP owners are finding new sources of income by re-purposing their IP for use in a different industry or product application.

A recent example is Bitcoin, who’s technology is finding new applications.  Its online system, called Proof of Existence, is now testing its use to demonstrate document ownership without revealing the information it contains. It can also provide proof that a document was authored at a particular time. The actual file is not stored online and limits the risk of a user’s material getting published. In addition to time-stamping, the system make sure that files are what they are supposed to be. Developers, for example, can use the service to later verify versions of their code, inventors can prove they had an idea at a certain time and authors can protect their works. Here’s a link to read the full article: Bitcoin’s Technology Could Revolutionize Intellectual Property Rights.

IP extends into many formats including customer information, software source code, business models, databases, operations manuals, professional expertise and much more. These rights are different parts of your IP that can be separated from your product or service, and licensed into other applications or uses.

Finding new uses is a great strategy if you’ve been unable to get your IP commercialized in the market. Instead of letting it sit, find other applications for it in different industries. Some interesting examples include Bubble Wrap, which was originally invented as wall paper; Duct Tape, which was originally used to seal WW2 ammunition cases; Olestra,the fat substitute product, which failed in the consumer market and was re-purposed as a cleanser for contaminated soil.

Don’t overlook these additional parts or new applications of your IP. They could be some of the most valuable. These unused rights are money making assets that can be licensed into different markets, bundled with other IP, or re-purposed for new product applications.

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