How to Package Your Seminar or Workshop For Licensing

Why would a company want to license your seminar or workshop? One of the biggest reasons is it’s not easy to create a seminar that sells. Plus the time and money it requires developing and testing can take months or years.

seminars and workshops

Market ready seminars provide a fast way for someone to offer new products. It gives them a way to set themselves apart from the competition and gives them instant credibility, especially if it’s a popular program with lots of testimonials.

Breaking into a new market is a time consuming and costly venture. Licensing a market-ready seminar is a low risk strategy to tap a new market. For example, a seminar on financial empowerment for women.

The trick is to package it as a complete, turn-key seminar program that’s ready to go. Include everything your licensing partner needs to market and deliver your seminar. Here’s a list of the different parts of your IP you can bundle for your licensing package:

  • “How-To” DVD or CD training guide
  • Power point presentation template for delivering course material
  • How to deliver workshop scripts, setting up the room and other logistical information
  • Workbooks and handouts for attendees
  • Templates for any interactive in seminar exercises
  • Templates for advertising, emails, and web pages that can be edited

Another option you can license is customizing your training seminars. For example, the licensee requires the training materials be provided with their company name (white labeling), or adding parts of your seminar into their sales training program.

Instead of spending money on the delivery of your seminar, licensing only requires your time in getting your licensee up to speed with your seminar courses. They deliver your seminar to many different markets simultaneously, and pay you royalty on every seminar or workshop they deliver. You focus on finding more partners in different markets, making sure the licensee delivers the seminar quality, and developing new seminars and workshops.

Rand Brenner Administrator
Rand Brenner is an IP professional whose passion is helping inventors, startups, and businesses of all sizes use licensing to turn their IP into income-producing products, services, and technologies. His decades of experience run the gamut from medical devices to food technology to consumer products. He’s licensed some of the biggest Hollywood entertainment blockbusters including the Batman Movies (1 and 2), and the number one kid\'s action TV show, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Rand speaks about licensing and is a featured speaker at investment conferences, trade shows, colleges, and startup events. He’s a published writer with articles appearing in several prestigious trade magazines including The Licensing Journal, Intellectual Property Magazine, and License India.

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