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This training reveals the #1 confusion in licensing – the money-making side versus the legal protection side. People often think of licensing as a legal process BUT it’s also really a money-making process.


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In the 2 Sides of Licensing section of the training you’ll learn about:

  • The IP System. This is the foundation which creates the IP. It’s most commonly known as the legal means for protecting creativity, knowledge and helps the creator have a legal right to prevent others from using their creativity and knowledge.
  • The money making side. This brings the owner of the IP together with the people that know how to market and sell it (commercialize).
  • The legal contract side. Where the owner transfers rights to use the IP to another person for a price while keeping ownership of the asset.

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Then, there’s “The Money-Making Process”. This covers a 5-step licensing process:

  • Step 1 – Development & Protection – The development and protection of the IP and the right questions to ask at this stage on the opportunities represented.
  • Step 2 – Marketing – Packaging the benefits of your intellectual property into different marketing materials and finding licensees and connecting with them.
  • Step 3 – Negotiation – The different terms and types of payment structures. You’ll learn about advances, royalties calculated on gross sales vs. net sales and different royalty ranges.
  • Step 4 – Contract – This is the formalizing of what’s agreed in the negotiation.
  • Step 5 – Generate Revenue – When the licensee receives the transfer of rights, markets or uses your IP and pays you.

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The “Money-Making Pillars” section explains what types of opportunities exist, how to find the opportunities and how to use licensing to make money with those opportunities.

If you’ve already protected your IP, this training will get you moving straight into the licensing process to generate income. If you haven’t protected your IP yet, this training helps save you time and money by focusing only on what you need to protect to make money with your IP. You’ll get much further ahead than others still stuck getting unnecessary protection for their IP.

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