7 Figure Money Making Licensing Secrets

How to Use JV Partnerships to Create Big Money Making Licensing Deals

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Developing and making money with your IP doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. JV licensing offers several ways to creating deals. You can use licensing to get the resources you need without the added cost through a joint venture. Some examples of how to use JV’s include joint development of a new technology from scratch, or to launch a new product from a license agreement.

Here's What's Covered

  • How to Use Licensing to Create a JV
  • How to Acquire Outside IP Using a JV
  • 3 Different Ways to Set Up OPR JV’s (Other Peoples Resources)
  • How to Use a JV to Become a Licensing Agent
  • How to Use a JV to Control IP Rights for Little or No Money
  • How to Use a JV to Combine IP’s
  • How to Use a JV Licensing Strategy to Go Global